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Diarrhea Precautions: Diarrhea is spreading rapidly in children, these things can be prevented

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How to prevent Diarrhea: Loosemotion and vomiting in young children is happening a lot these days. Due to scorching heat, diseases related to digestion are increasing a lot and making them sick. Once children get diarrhea, their diet remains affected for the next 15 days and they can also become very weak. Keep these things in mind for how to keep small children healthy in this season.

1-Keep body hydrated
Many times small children ask for water only when they are very thirsty, in such a situation, keep giving them water from time to time on their own. Take great care that their bottle or sipper is completely clean. It would be better at this time to give water to small children in a steel glass.

2- Give normal water not hot-cold
If RO is kept in the sun, then fill water in a big pot or pot every morning and keep it in the kitchen or in a shaded place. Do not drink or drink water kept in heat or sunlight. Also, do not give cold water from the fridge directly to the children.

3-Drink food very fresh
Feed homemade and absolutely fresh food this month. Do not give food to children even in the morning and evening. Also, before feeding curd etc., check that it is not sour. If you want to give any juice or shake, make it fresh and drink it immediately. Do not give any juice or shake kept to children

4-Ice cream can make you sick
If possible, feed small children ice cream too. Many times the ice cream kept in the shop melts due to non-functioning of the freezer and then freezes back. But eating such ice cream can make children sick. If you want to feed, then feed frozen ice cream at home

5-Prevent Heat Stroke
Apart from food and drink, children should not be allowed to become cold or hot. Do not let them go in the sun from 11 am to 4 pm during the day. If you want to go, send it with a cap and sunglasses. If you want, you can also give an umbrella, but keep in mind that in strong sunlight, they go at least

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