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Cooking Tips: Don’t forget to make this mistake while deep frying food, follow these tips

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Deep Frying Tips and Tricks: Deep frying is a method of traditional cooking in which food is dipped in hot oil and fried until it becomes golden in color and crispy. If you deep fry anything, then you have to keep some special things in mind. Follow these cooking tips while deep frying food-

don’t make this mistake

First of all make sure that the oil is hotter than medium hot. Do not put any food item in cold oil for frying. Do not put anything from above directly in the pan. Always put the food from the side in the pan for frying.

Do not stir as soon as you put it in the pan

As soon as you put something in the pan for frying, do not start stirring it immediately. Let it crisp up a bit. Flip after about a minute.

Do not put in hot gravy

First fry the food item on high heat for a minute, then on medium flame. Before putting fried food in gravy, always remember that either gravy or fried item should be cold.

take care of the coating

To make the outer layer crispy, keep in mind that the main ingredient is well coated and it is coated with thick batter. This will bring extra crunch. Always use rice flour or semolina for coating.

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