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China Population: The crisis of declining birth rate deepens, China may force it to have children forcibly: report

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China Population Crisis: Forced pregnancy (P) in the country to deal with the decline in China’s birth rate in the coming times.regnancy) and force its citizens to have children outright. As China faces negative population growth, the government has begun forcing its citizens to marry early and have at least three children each. According to the report of Geopolitica, to deal with this problem, the administration has started holding various competitions.

Hong Kong (Hong Kong) According to the Post’s report, the people of the country have been disillusioned by being forced to remain locked in homes, lack of food, lack of income, rising prices, health problems etc. It said that the Chinese government is beginning to realize that increasing official pressure on them to have more children could cause a majority of citizens’ agitation.

Opposition to forced childbirth in China may be because most parents feel that they cannot guarantee adequate financial security for the well-being and care of their children, including those in lockdown.lockdown) Because of this his own life is also under a lot of pressure now.

What does the National Bureau of Statistics report say?

According to China’s National Bureau of Statistics, there has been a 41 percent decline in the number of marriages in China over the six-year period between 2013 and 2019, with only 7.6 million couples married last year. was registered for. This is the lowest figure recorded in China in the last 36 years. As a result, China’s birth rate has come down to 7.5 births per 1,000 people.

The report further states that nine provinces and territories have recorded negative population growth. Which is becoming a problem for China. Another important issue that opposes the Chinese to have more children is that they remember the pain and torture they or their parents went through when the communist nation called for ‘one child’. Policy’ was strictly implemented. This is the same policy due to which China is stuck in this trouble today.

The Chinese government determined when women could become pregnant and that married couples would also be placed under constant surveillance. The question is also that the couple who wants to have a second child in China is fined and jailed, so what will the Chinese government do in such a situation and earlier millions of abortions were done at that time due to which the government had lost the trust of the people. So the government last year issued a new population and family planning law that allows Chinese couples to have up to three children, apparently responding to couples’ reluctance to have additional children due to rising costs.

The Hong Kong Post, citing sources, said that a concerned government is now facing a population crisis.Population Crisis) Trying to build trust by doing two-way communication about the need for more children to deal with. The government has started several competitions in this regard, but the response is not encouraging as time is running out for the government.

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