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Chartered Accountant Salary in India: How well do Chartered Accountants earn, know their salary estimate

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Chartered Accountant Salary in India: The job of a chartered accountant can be considered a blue collar job in the country and their work is also very technical. The salary of a chartered accountant in India depends on which company hires them. If the government company hires a CA, then the work pressure will be less here and the working hours will be fixed, although the salary ratio will not be high. On the other hand, if an MNC hires a CA, then the salary can be high there.

Know the salary estimate of CA

The average salary of a CA can be around Rs 3 lakh in India. This can be a good salary for freshers.

The highest salary package for CA can come for international posting and can have an income of up to Rs 76 lakh per annum.

The minimum salary of a CA for international posting can be Rs 9-18 lakh per annum and adding other items to it, it easily comes up to Rs 21-22 lakh.

Salary packages of Rs 10-20 lakh can be found in international postings in the public sector.

Indian business giants offer between Rs 6-10 lakh for international posting.

What is the starting salary of CA in India?

For this, it has been seen according to the survey of different firms and it has been found that in the initial salary package, CA gets only Rs 3 lakh annually.

KPMG, PWC, EY, Deloitte offer great packages

KPMG, PWC, EY, Deloitte are four such firms in India which give good package to CA and are known as Big 4. The salary of a CA who gets a job in these companies is generally Rs 6-8 lakh.

After having 4-5 years of experience in these four firms, CA salary can go up to Rs 23 lakh per annum.

Know CA Salary in General Firms
Chartered Accountants seeking CA jobs in general firms are generally seen to get a base salary of Rs 3 lakh minimum to Rs 8 lakh maximum.

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