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Business Idea: Leave the job and earn 3 lakhs every month, the central government will also help, know how?

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Pearl Farming Business: If you are also planning to earn extra money apart from the job or are thinking of starting a business, then today we will tell you such a business, through which you can earn up to 3 lakhs every month. Along with this, you do not need any separate technical knowledge to do this business. If 50 percent subsidy facility is given for startups by the central government, then you will not have any problem of funds.

Let us tell you how you can start this business-

What will be needed?
To cultivate pearls, you will need a pond, oysters. Apart from this, you can get the pond dug with your own money or you also get 50 percent subsidy from the government for this.

Where can I buy oysters?
Oysters are found in many states of India. You can buy it from Darbhanga in South India and Bihar. Apart from this, many institutes of the country also give you training in oyster farming. Let us tell you that in Hoshangabad and Mumbai of Madhya Pradesh also you are given training for pearl cultivation.

How can we do oyster farming?
Apart from this, you can also start farming by buying oysters from fishermen. After this you have to keep the oysters in open water for two days. When they are exposed to sunlight and wind, then the shell and muscles of the oyster become loose, after which a mold is put inside the oyster after surgery. When this mold pricks an oyster, it leaves a substance coming out of itself on it.

After doing this work, after a certain time, the mold takes the form of a pearl. Apart from this, you can prepare pearls of that design by putting the shape of the pearl you want. Let us tell you that the demand for designer pearls is very high in the market at this time and their price is also higher than that of simple pearls.

How much has to be invested?
Talking about investing in this farming, you can start a business by investing around 25 to 35 thousand rupees in the beginning. Let us tell you that when your oyster is ready, then 2 pearls come out of it. At present, the price of a pearl in the market ranges from at least 120 to 150 rupees. At the same time, if you have a better quality pearl, you can sell it in the market for up to Rs 200.

How to earn up to 3 lakhs?
If you put 25 thousand shells in a one acre pond, then it costs about 6 to 8 lakh rupees. Many times it is seen that some shells get spoiled and pearls are not formed, even then there is every possibility of about 50 percent of your shells to be correct and they become good pearls. So in this way, if 50 percent of your shells are correct, then you will earn Rs 3 lakh.

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