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Blood Pressure Control: Control blood pressure with yoga, know which yogasanas will benefit

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Yoga For Blood Pressure Control: Nowadays most of the people are troubled by the problem of high blood pressure. People are falling prey to high BP due to bad lifestyle and stress. Many times the problem of high BP also starts due to age, kidney diseases, not exercising, genetic reasons, obesity and many other reasons. Earlier this problem used to happen after the age of 50, but nowadays, problems related to blood pressure are also happening in the youth. It is necessary to make changes in food, water and lifestyle when blood pressure increases. You can also lose weight through yoga. Know how to control high blood pressure with yoga.

Control high blood pressure with yoga

Virasana- Virasana is considered to be the most beneficial, because any yoga that involves breathing is good for people with high BP. By doing Virasana, BP remains under control, the nervous system remains correct and stress is reduced to a great extent.

How to do
1- Sit on the ground with your knees bent
2- Keep both hands on the knees
3- Keep your hips between the ankles and reduce the distance between the knees
4- Pull the navel inwards
5- Stay like this for some time, rest after 30 seconds

cremation- By doing Shavasana, the level of high BP becomes perfect and the body reaches rest.

How to do
1- Lie on your back on the yoga mat
2- close your eyes
3- spread the legs
4- In this way, give rest to the feet
5- Keep both hands on both sides of the body without touching
6- Slowly spread the palms and relax the whole body
7- Take deep and slow breaths and hold for 30 seconds, then relax

Balasan- By doing Balasana, BP remains under control, the body is relaxed and at the same time the bones of the hips and spine also get benefit.

How to do
1- Sit on the yoga mat in Vajrasana
2- Breathe slowly and move the hands above the head
3- Exhale slowly and bend forward and rest the forehead on the ground
4- While doing this, pay attention to the breath
5- Do this yoga for 30 seconds, then give rest to the body.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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