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Blackout Challenge: 10-year-old Nayla lost her life while playing the game, family filed a case on Tiktok

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Case Against Tiktok: A case has been registered against the social media platform Tiktok in Philadelphia. Actually, a 10-year-old girl was playing a blackout game in a challenge found on Tiktok, during which she died. After which the family members angry with the death of the girl have accused Tiktok of being careless and marketing the wrong product.

According to the information received, this case is related to a girl named Nayla Anderson. Nayla is 10 years old. It is being told that she was a very bright student and could speak in three languages. According to the parents, Nayla was very active on the short video platform Tiktok and also used to make videos. On December 7, she was found unconscious at her home in Philadelphia. When the parents saw Nayla in an unconscious state, she was admitted to the hospital. However, he died on the fifth day of treatment. The parents filed a case against Tiktok on 12 May after the death of the girl child.

This allegation was made on Tiktok

Nayla’s father Anderson said that the social media platform is constantly marketing wrong products, which is affecting the children a lot. He told in the complaint that many such things have been found on Nayla’s For You page which shows that she was doing dangerous work of Blackout Challenge. The family alleges that this is also the reason for the child’s death.

However, Tiktok has not given any reply on this matter yet. At the time of Nayla’s death, Tiktok had issued the last statement, which said that the Blackout Challenge was not started by Tiktok.

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