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Atta Price Hike: Now the bread on your plate has also become expensive, the average price of flour is about 33 rupees per kg.

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Atta Price Hike: Now the roti of the common man’s plate is also becoming expensive. Bread is also being hit by inflation. Due to the increasing cost of wheat, flour is becoming expensive in the retail market. The average price of flour in the retail market has reached around Rs 32.91 per kg. Flour has become costlier by about 13 per cent in the last one year. Whereas on May 8 last year, flour was available at Rs 29.14 per kg.

According to government data, flour became expensive
According to the data of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the maximum price of flour has reached Rs 59 per kg. While the minimum price is Rs 22 per kg. On May 9, flour is being available in Mysore at Rs 54 per kg, in Mumbai for Rs 49 per kg, in Chennai for Rs 34 per kg, in Kolkata at Rs 29 per kg and in Delhi for Rs 27 per kg.

Wheat production expected to decline
Wheat prices are expected to rise further in the coming days. Wheat production is expected to decline in the Rabi season of 2021-22. The government itself has reduced the production estimate. Due to the early arrival of the summer season this year, the government has reduced the production estimate to 105 million tonnes from 111.32 million tonnes.

Flour can be more expensive
Food Corporation of India (FCI) sells wheat through OMSS when needed, so that there is no shortage of wheat in the market. Its supply should be continuous. Let us tell you that its sale is done especially in that season. When the arrival of wheat in the market is less. Due to this move of FCI, there is no shortage of wheat in the market and the rates are also not affected by inflation. But there has been no announcement from the government regarding selling wheat in the open market. Through the OMSS scheme, the government regulates the supply and prices in the open market. If the government does not make an announcement in this regard soon, then from the month of June, the prices of flour and its products may increase further.

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