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Ashadha Amavasya 2022: This Amavasya is very special not only for the worship of ancestors, but also for the farmers, know the reason

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Ashadha Amavasya 2022: According to the Panchang, the last date of Krishna Paksha is called Amavasya. Amavasya Tithi happens once in every month. Although all Amavasyas have special significance in Hinduism, but the Amavasya date of the month of Ashadh is also very special for the farmers. On every new moon day, ancestors are offered tarpan. On this day, people take a bath in the Ganges or any holy river in the morning, do tarpan and shraadh to the ancestors, do worship. At the same time, farmers worship the tools used in agricultural work on this new moon. Because the Amavasya date of the month of Ashadh is also known as Halharini Amavasya (Halharini Amavasya 2022). On Halahari Amavasya, farmers worship plows and other agricultural implements by law and also pray to God for a good harvest and more production.

When Is ashadh new moon

Ashadh Amavasya Tithi will start from 05:53 am on Tuesday 28th June and end the next day on Wednesday 29th June at 08:23 am. Therefore, Amavasya will be worshiped on June 28.

ashadh new moon ,Ashadh Amavasya) farmers Of For Is extremely special

Amavasya falling in the month of Ashadha is also called Halahari Amavasya. Bathing, charity, Shradh and fasting have special significance on this new moon. The fast of Halahari Amavasya is celebrated with great gaiety by the farmers associated with agricultural work. On this day farmers do not work in the fields with oxen but leave them open for grazing. On this day farmers worship the tools used in their farming. Halahari Amavasya comes at the beginning of the rainy season. This is a sign of good yield.

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