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Ashadha 2022: What are those 5 tasks of the month of Ashadha? Those who have tradition for centuries, this leads to the attainment of salvation

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Ashadha Month 5 traditions: According to the Hindu calendar, the fourth month is of Ashadha. This time is very useful for the farmers, because the rain of the month of Ashadha decides how the crop will be in our fields. If there is a good amount of rain, then it proves to be very beneficial for agriculture. In the month of Ashadha, worship is also done to please the god of rain. The Sun God is worshipped, because with the blessings of these two gods, our life becomes happy. Good rainfall is the guarantee of good crop production. The rain starts in the month of Ashadh itself, and the farmers’ work starts. In the month of Ashadha, along with happiness, peace and prosperity, some necessary work has also been told for the attainment of salvation.

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  1. The tradition of offering Arghya to the Sun God, who gives light to the entire earth, in a copper vessel with intact and flowers, has been going on for centuries. Lord Surya is pleased by this, and only the living being gets salvation.
  2. Chanting of mantras is mandatory for good rains and good harvest in the month of Ashadh. Chanting mantras like Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya, Om Namah Shivaya etc. purifies the mind and increases self-confidence.
  3. In the month of Ashadh, which provides relief from the scorching heat, people lack money and food grains. Therefore, the tradition of donating money, grains and umbrellas in the month of Ashadh has been going on for centuries. Due to this people get self-satisfaction and salvation.
  4. People like to undertake pilgrimage in the month of Ashadh. The tradition of pilgrimage has been going on since time immemorial. The ancestors are pleased with this, and the welfare of the people is done.
  5. The famous festival of Guru Purnima falls in the month of Ashadh. In this, by taking the blessings of one’s gurus, fear and doubts end from the mind of the people. Due to which they get success in their business. You get the benefits of wealth, fame and glory.

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