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Amazon Virtual Try: Now Amazon will give you the option to try virtual shoes before buying, know full details

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Amazon Virtual Try On Shoes: Nowadays people like to shop online. This saves them from getting hit in the market. But there is a problem in this whether that product will look good on us or not? If it doesn’t look good, then it takes a lot of hassle to return it. In such a situation, if you are given the option to try your product before buying anything online. So??

Yes, Amazon’s new Virtual Try-on Shoes feature will now give you a chance to try on the shoes before you buy them. This interactive feature will allow users to check how the shoe will look on your feet. You can try on your shoes virtual from the comfort of your home. But the Amazon Virtual Try-On Shoes feature will be available only in the US and Canada for now.

How to do Virtual Try?

For virtual try-on shoes, users can go to the Amazon app on iOS, and then tap on the virtual try-on button below the product image. After this, by taking the camera of your mobile close to your feet, you can see how these shoes are looking on your feet. The specialty is that you can also see the shoes from different angles. Apart from this, you can also change the color of the shoes. You can also take a picture of that virtual shoe while trying it on and then share that photo with friends via social media.

Amazon Fashion President Muge Erdrick Dogan said, ÔÇťAmazon Fashion aims to create a great experience for its users that makes online shopping for fashion easier and more enjoyable for customers. We offer virtual try-ons for shoes. They allow customers to try out thousands of styles at their convenience, wherever they are from brands they know and love. We look forward to hearing and learning from customer feedback. Virtual Try- For Shoes On is also going to give brands a new way to showcase their products and make shopping for their styles easier and more interactive.

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