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Afghanistan News: Taliban decree, now ban on giving driving license to women

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Taliban Stop Issuing Licenses to Women: Taliban officials in Herat, Afghanistan’s most progressive city, have asked driving instructors to stop issuing licenses to women. Jan Agha Achakzai, head of Herat’s Traffic Management Institute, which oversees driving schools, said: “We have been verbally instructed not to issue licenses to women drivers.

Adil Adeel, a 29-year-old female driving instructor who owns a training institute, said the Taliban want to ensure that the next generation does not have the same opportunities as their mothers. He further said, “We have been told not to teach driving and not to issue licences. The Taliban took control of the country in August last year and between 1996-2001 was a softer move than in their last term in power. The government had promised.

Taliban restrict rights of girls and women

The Taliban have increasingly restricted the rights of Afghans, especially girls and women. Local citizen Shaima Wafa while buying Eid-ul-Fitr gifts for her family said in a local market, “I told a Talibani (guard) that it is more comfortable for me to travel in my car than sitting next to a taxi driver ”

issued an oral order

Naeem al-Haq Haqqani, head of the provincial information and culture department, said no official order had been given. The Taliban has largely avoided issuing national, written orders. Instead orally the local authorities are allowed to issue their own orders.

Not written on the car that it is only for men

Yakubi, an angel who has been driving for years, said, “No car is written that it is only for men.” Actually it is safe if a woman drives her own car. Zainab Mohseni, 26, recently applied for a license as she says women feel safer in their cars than taxis run by male drivers.

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