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AC Sales: AC sales increased as soon as summer started, records were broken in April, 17.5 lakh AC sales

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AC sales on record high: With the arrival of the summer season, the sale of AC increases. There has been a strong jump in the sale of air conditioners used in homes this year as well. AC companies expect their sales to reach a record 90 lakh units this year. The Consumer Electronics and Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) said that a record 17.5 lakh ACs were sold in April, which is a record level for this month so far.

5-star product may be supplied
Siema President Eric Breganza said that the availability of some products could be disrupted in the next two months due to short supply of components such as controllers and compressors. He said that the supply of products especially of 5-star series with low energy consumption may get affected.

double the figure compared to last year
He told the media, “The industry estimates that the estimated sales of residential ACs (air conditioners) in April, 2022 is around 17.5 lakh units. This figure is double as compared to April, 2021 and 30-35 per cent higher than April, 2019.

Due to the pace of the economy, there was a boom in the sale
Breganza said the sales figure showed a surprising increase compared to before the pandemic. He said that with the ongoing scorching heat in the country, this has accelerated due to the complete opening of the economy. The demand for air conditioners will be good in May and June as well.

90 lakh units may be sold
Let us tell you that based on the scorching heat and the sales trend in the first four months, the AC market is expected to be between 85 lakh to 90 lakh units this year.

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